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Health and safety consultants add value and reduce risks in businesses by providing expert, evidence based solutions for the management or work health and safety risks. A safety consultant should assist your business from a range of perspectives including:

  • Understanding the risks that exist for personnel, property, environment and reputation from an incident or accident through audits;
  • Defining critical risks which could result in fatality, serious injury or disease of a person at the workplace;
  • Assisting the organisation to manage those risks based on legislative requirements, the existing organisational cultures together with the risk apetite of the business;
  • Assisting the organisation to set at strategy for management of health and safety that is aligned with organisational objectives.

Importantly, a health and safety consultant should work with your business to exploit value for the business in its’ efforts to maintain or improve safe performance. An experienced health and safety consultant will understand the business commercial objectives and “add value” to the business brand through safe production recognition.

For example: A customers might buy your product or engage your business for many reasons including:

  • Reputation
  • Quality of product/service
  • Price

But given the opportunity, a customer will traditionally select a safer product over a less safer product…a safer service or a less safer service. In many instances, a customer will be prepared to pay a little more for a safer service or safer product.

A professional health and safety consultant recognises that safety can add value to your brand’s image and will work with you to not only mitigate your risks to your staff but also to increase your value add through helping others to recognise your efforts in achieving safer performance.

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A professional safety consultant will also work with you to assist your organisation learns from incidents and accidents within your business and like businesses. They’ll not only help you investigate the incident, implement controls to prevent the incident re-occurring but they’ll also work with the safety regulator to achieve outcomes that ensure legislative requirements.


Why should I hire a work health and safety consultant?

They’ll ensure the very best evidence and scientific rigour and methodology in managing risks.

Safety consultants who understand your business and partner with you as you grow your business will become an important part or your team whether it be a few days, a few weeks or many years.

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