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With more than 30 years experience in work safety & training, we pride ourselves in being able to coach tomorrow’s leaders in implementing work safety strategies for their operations. Safetysure knows that if companies are to run successful safety programs, having the guidance of a safety coach can be incredibly important and add bottom line value to an organisation’s safety efforts.

Our small business safety program helps small to medium enterprises establish and implement safety programs across their organisations. We also provide one on one organisational coaching with senior executives, managers, supervisors,  and teams to help them get the best out of safety programs.

Our coaching program is run by our Principal Consultant John Ninness, who over his career, has traversed both safety and senior executive roles in international organisations. John has held senior management positions in global organisations including Operations Manager, National Safety Manager, Safety & Training Manager and Chief Executive Officer. He has worked cross-culturally and across a broad range of industries. John knows and understands the complexities of running an operation and balancing the safety priorities of the organisation at the same time.

John is an experienced coach. He has coached both line managers and safety personnel to optimise their own performance in achievement of organisational and safety objectives. John works as a coach with our clients to:

  • Inspire safety team members to become more engaged about workplace safety;
  • Explore alternative safety communication strategies;
  • Build positive and supportive working relationships with others in the organisation – helping others to manage safety priorities;
  • Maximize overall workplace health and safety performance;
  • Regularly conduct developmental, motivational, and non-performance-related safety-coaching sessions.
  • Encourage ownership of the safety priorities within the organisation.

John helps coaching recipients improve their communication skills, strengthen team-member accountability for safety compliance, gain a renewed focus on achieving results within safety programs, and develop practical coaching skills that will improve safety management and organisational performance.

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