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Building safety audits and Structural safety audits

Building safety audits and structural safety audits are undertaken to identify and evaluate the inherent hazards in the building/structure that may impact occupants use of the building. Safetysure provide a range of building safety audits for building owners that contrast the property against known workplace health and safety related standards. By conducting a building safety audit prior to the purchase of a property, property owners can evaluate potential risks and quantify costs associated with rectification of the safety issues identified.

Through the conduct of a building safety audit, building owners can potentially identify issues and the adequacy of building safety systems:

  • Hazardous materials such as lead and asbestos as a component of the building structure or the building plant (examples may include paint, building materials or plant items like asbestos is air conditioning heater banks or lift wells);
  • Compliance of exits and escape paths;
  • Slip, trip and fall hazards;
  • HVAC Potential air quality issues with air handling systems;
  • Identification of sick building syndrome issues;
  • Adequacy of lighting for the tasks to be performed;
  • Outdoor lighting in walking areas;
  • Traffic management;
  • Electrical installation compliance;
  • Handrail and walkways compliance;
  • Potential work at height issues associated with access for routine tasks;
  • Building structural issues (building design and maintenance) – fit for use purposes.
  • Management of confined spaces at the building;
  • Adequacy of workplace amenities;
  • Electromagnetic radiation sources;
  • Fire safety equipment;
  • Building safety systems and procedures;
  • Safety signs used in the premises.

We undertake comprehensive property workplace health and safety (WHS / OHS)  and public liability inspections and risk assessment.

We would always recommend that building owners and Body Corporates contact us to discuss the scope of a building safety audit or structural safety audits. Performed adequately, building safety audits can save building owners considerable costs and mitigate potential public liability litigation.

By including inspection of common and tenanted areas can accordance with health and safety legislation, Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements, Safetysure helps business owners across Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne achieve compliance and mitigate risks associated with building safety or structural safety audits. Contact us on 1300 087 088 for a no-obligation chat with a senior consultants regarding what Safetysure can do for you.

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