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Safety consultant in Brisbane

If you’re planning to choose a safety consultant in Brisbane, you should look to Safetysure. Safetysure is a local Brisbane professional safety consulting company that offers a wide range of services to Brisbane business.

Why choose Safetysure?

  • Safetysure have more than thirty years experience in managing workplace safety in Brisbane for small and large businesses;
  • Our staff are professionally qualified in workplace safety;
  • We understand the importance of integrating workplace safety into your business. Safetysure helps your business achieve financial success through mitigating and minimising your work health and safety risks;
  • We know Brisbane well and the common safety issues faced by Brisbane business (particularly environmental issues);
  • Our depth of understanding of the Queensland Work Health & Safety legislation, Codes of Practice is unmatched across a range of Brisbane industries;
  • Safetysure have a low cost consulting fee options where you can pay by the month for our on-going services.

What’s important when choosing a safety consultant in Brisbane?

Firstly, understanding the factors affecting work safety for Brisbane based businesses. Not only are Brisbane based businesses affected by the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 and the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 but they may also be impacted by a range of other legislative instruments including:

Secondly, ensuring that the consultant is adequately qualified for the work that they’re performing. Have they performed this safety consulting work before?  What have they achieved for the business or projects where they previously worked?

Finally, understanding your business and your business needs and objectives are critical to choosing a safety consultant in Brisbane. If the consultant working with your business fails to understand your business goals and objectives, the implementation of any work health & safety systems may work against what you are trying to achieve. By integrating work health and safety as part of your business DNA, your risks will be reduced and you’ll achieve better success in the long term.

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How much do health and safety consultants charge in Brisbane?

How much do safety consultants charge is a question that we often get asked, and sometimes one that is difficult to answer. A professional safety consulting company will normally charge between $150 – $300 per hour for ad-hoc specific job based work. This can vary if there is specific testing equipment that is required for the work. Sometime the consultant will need to quantify potential issues like airborne contaminants. This may require analysis of samples taken at your workplace for specific compounds or substances. Sometimes fees are charged for analysis and reporting work.

At Safetysure, we have a great range of low cost options for Brisbane small to medium businesses. We don’t charge for the services we provide on an hourly basis. These costs are based on us providing a full work health & safety service to your business over the course of a one year term. In these instances, the cost to use a safety consultant in Brisbane is amortised over a year and can cost as little as ten ($10) dollars per day. There’s a small upfront payment and the rest of the cost is billed monthly.

I only have one safety related problem to be addressed, what will it cost? How much do health & safety consultants charge? Why not pick up the phone or send us an email and we’ll help you quantify your costs. We only quote fixed costs after adequately scoping the issues to be address with the client.

What types of duties and responsibilities will a safety consultant in Brisbane have?

Initially, that can depend on your circumstances and your needs. These can start with completing safety audits and inspections.  Developing policy and procedures. Undertaking work health and safety training program development. Helping your business establish a plan to address workplace health and safety, or even completing a building safety audit.

It may be as simple as sorting out an issue you have with the Workplace Health & Safety Queensland (Worksafe) regulator/legislator and implementing an on-going plan to ensure that your work health and safety system is working effectively.

An on-going relationship with a safety consultant will ensure that your business has a go to person who can work with you as you grow. Having scalable work health and safety solutions will assist you to achieve great safety results for your employees and business and help your business prosper long-term.

Key take aways

  1. Choosing the right safety consultant in Brisbane is important for your business. Your safety consultant effectively becomes your business partner in work health and safety as your business grows. You wouldn’t want to get stuck with a partner who doesn’t understand your business or understands the financial imperatives of making your business work.
  2. By adequately scoping the work that you need your Brisbane safety consultant to undertake, you’ll improve the probability of success in the work to be performed.
  3. Try and partner long term with a safety consultant. You’ll find your costs are reduced and the service you receive will be optimised for your business as you grow.
  4. There’s nothing like a local safety consultant in Brisbane. Safetysure is locally owned and operated and have more than thirty years helping Brisbane businesses as they grow.

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