Why should I hire a work safety consultant?

Hiring an external work safety consultant is a big decision for any business. It’s like having another person on your team who can hit the ground running. You wouldn’t hire an employee without due consideration, so we think it’s equally important when you’re engaging an outside work safety consultant expert to help you navigate your safety success.

Firstly, there’s a range of benefits in hiring an experienced work safety consultant

  • You’ll have an expert at your fingertips who can hit the ground running with the knowledge and skills to be able to get the job done with the minimum amount of fuss;
  • An external consultant can look at your business from an external perspective. They are a different set of eyes that can easily identify issues (and emerging issues) that perhaps you can’t see. They can also coach your team to achieve great safety outcomes;
  • An external safety consultant can provide cover for absences of your own safety team (if you have one). Maternity leave and Long service leave often take out your safety team for some time.
  • Sometimes you need to support your safety team/safety officer with additional resources. If they’re working on a project to update procedures or complete their safety plan, they may need additional support on the ground or behind the scenes to get the project completed.
  • The cost is generally not forever. We like to think that there’s a point in the future where the safety consultant can hand over to internal staff to get the job done. If they’ve equipped your team with the right knowledge and skills, then only a periodic check of the business may be necessary to ensure that you’re meeting you’re sticking to your plan and meeting your goals


Why appoint Safetysure as your business safety partner?

Some of our clients appoint us because they haven’t got the resource or expertise internally. If they’re a growing business, they often like the ability to pick up the phone to known support who know their business and can be there quickly or provide great advice over the phone (We have a number of small business safety packages that include phone support).

We are often chosen to provide additional support for specific projects. More often we are chosen by companies who have an immediate work safety issue at their workplace and they need our support to help them work through a specific problem or situation. Often companies will need us for auditing against standards.

We’ve often found that companies need support on an interim basis, whether someone is away from the business for a while or while they’re recruiting a new member of their safety staff. We periodically help companies recruit safety staff by acting as a technical advisor for the safety recruitment process. We ensure that your new team member has the right technical “know how” to be able to get the job done,

Employing a competent person to manage your occupational health and safety in your organisation is an important choice.

Safetysure’s competence in the occupational health & safety practice comes from our growing team’s significant experience as safety professionals (as both a work safety consultant and operational safety and health roles). We bring that experience to our clients in a practical and simple way that let’s them focus on growing their business. A great work safety consultant will help them navigate their way through the work safety maze to achieve remarkable safety outcomes.

People chose us over other companies because they want to work with a reputable growing work safety consultant company who is priced competitively and who offers a scalable solution as their business grows. We’re agile and we’re responsive to your business needs and we understand that keeping your workers safe is as important to you as growing your business. Find out more about what we do

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