Farm safety get more funding in NSW

The NSW Government has recently announced that it will provide $3.3 million in farm safety funding. The funding will be focused around the reduction of high risk activities on farms around the state.

Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation Kevin Anderson said “This year we will be doubling down on quad bike safety by allocating $2.8 million to the Quad Bike Safety Improvement Program, meaning thousands of dollars in savings for farmers who choose safer equipment for day-to-day use,” said Anderson.

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Since the program’s introduction in 2016, farmers have been paid rebates for 2543 new side-by-side vehicles and 958 operator protection devices. Under the rebate program, farmers can claim rebates of up to $2000 for safer side-by-side vehicles, $600 for rollover protection and $90 for helmets.

“We’re even offering $500 to go towards purchasing a drone, which allows you to check on your stock, fences or dams without having to jump on a quad bike,” said Anderson.

Anderson also announced $500,000 per annum for the four-year Farm Safety Advisory Program.

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“This program has been a huge success in improving worker farm safety through education. This additional funding will allow SafeWork NSW to continue to work alongside the agriculture industry to provide practical advice and education on a whole host of farm safety issues.”

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