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The critical role of specialist asbestos consultants in advancing asbestos education has been underscored by the launch of an important asbestos resource. This initiative, part of the 10th annual National Asbestos Awareness Month campaign by the Asbestos Education Committee and Advocacy Australia, focuses on providing crucial knowledge to those frequently encountering asbestos in residential settings.

November is National Asbestos Awareness Month – Friday 29 Nov is Asbestos Awareness Day 2023.

Specialist asbestos consultants, with their expertise in asbestos management, are vital in promoting awareness and educating the public about the dangers of asbestos in homes. With the spectre of diseases like silicosis and various cancers linked to asbestos exposure, consultants can serve as the frontline defence in teaching safe management practices.

Asbestos professionals not only impart knowledge but also advocate for community safety by offering free educational materials. Given the heightened interest in DIY home renovations and the scarcity of tradies, prompted by increasing interest rates, homeowners might inadvertently expose themselves and their families to asbestos risks. Specialist consultants can offer tailored advice and training to ensure that DIY enthusiasts understand and adhere to safety regulations.

Changes to the NSW Work Safety Act | What you need to know?

Recent statistics from the Australian Mesothelioma Registry reveal that the majority of asbestos exposure incidents are occurring in non-occupational settings, primarily during home renovations. This alarming trend highlights the need for specialist asbestos consultants who can conduct asbestos assessments, confirm the presence of asbestos, and advise on its safe removal and disposal.

By developing educational resources in line with government safety regulations, specialist consultants are not only providing essential information about the dangers of asbestos and the proper steps to take when encountering it, but they are also guiding the public on the importance of engaging qualified professionals for asbestos-related issues.

Homeowners, property managers, and tradies are strongly encouraged to utilise the expertise of specialist asbestos consultants to quantify the safety of their living environments.

By visiting asbestosawareness.com.au and accessing the Asbestos 101 resource, they can take the first step towards asbestos safety in their homes, armed with the support and knowledge provided by these dedicated experts.

Resources scan be downloaded here

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