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Plastics manufacturer receives $545K fine | Learnings for workplaces

The recent award of a $545,000 fine against a plastics manufacturer for serious safety failing highlights the importance of acting on legal work safety notices issued by work safety regulators and ensuring systems are in place for managing work place risks. In this article we examine issues of workplace safety compliance that led to [...]

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The McLellan Freight Case – Traffic Management Implications for Warehouse Managers

A horrific traffic management accident at a warehouse leased from South Port in Bluff New Zealand, involving McLellan Freight Limited, Transport Services Southland Limited, and Herberts Transport Limited, serves as a stark reminder of the critical importance of effective traffic management planning and safe processes. In February 2017, a tragic accident resulted in the [...]

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Specialist Asbestos Consultants

The critical role of specialist asbestos consultants in advancing asbestos education has been underscored by the launch of an important asbestos resource. This initiative, part of the 10th annual National Asbestos Awareness Month campaign by the Asbestos Education Committee and Advocacy Australia, focuses on providing crucial knowledge to those frequently encountering asbestos in residential [...]

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Safetysure backs safety standards as a Silver Member of AIHS

Safetysure, a leading work health and safety consulting firm, has solidified its commitment to the advancement of workplace health and safety by upgrading it status as a Silver Member of the Australian Institute of Health & Safety (AIHS). This important membership status underscores Safetysure’s dedication to fostering safety standards and safer work environments across [...]

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Safework Australia | Insights from 2023 Data

Work Health and Safety in Australia: A Closer Look at the 2023 Statistics Australia's workplaces have seen a significant number of traumatic injuries over the past decade, leading to both fatalities and extended absences. A staggering 1,850 traumatic injury fatalities and 1,140,000 serious workers’ compensation claims indicate a profound impact on the nation's workforce. [...]

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NSW Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2023 – What you need to know!

We've analysed the changes to the Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2023 and what they mean for organisational compliance.  The Work Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2023, alters the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW) and the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 (NSW). Here are some key takeaways. Incorporation of the [...]

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Office Safety – Actionable tips to make your office safer

Today's offices are no longer just clusters of cubicles where employees mechanically punch in hours. They're vibrant, dynamic spaces that influence, and are influenced by those who occupy them. In this article we’ll provide some tips and actionable insights on 'office safety' and how you can take some positive steps to improving the office [...]

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Safe unloading of vehicles risks highlighted in coroner’s report

The Queensland Coroner has recently published its findings into the death of a truck driver at a yard while unloading a vehicle with steel pipes. The report highlights some important learnings regarding the safe loading of vehicles that can be applied in warehouses and distribution centres. The incident involved the death of Mr Billy-Joh [...]

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Worker dies inside shipping container

The recent death of a worker inside a shipping container during container unloading highlights the inherent risks of loading and unloading shipping containers. WorkSafe Victoria convicted and fined Carrum Downs truck-body manufacturer Prestige Trucks (Aust) Pty Ltd $225,000 after a manager was crushed and killed inside a shipping container, in breach of the Occupational [...]

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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Every year on April 28, Safetysure observes the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, an international event dedicated to promoting safe and healthy workplaces worldwide. Established by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in 2003, this event recognizes the importance of fostering a culture of safety and health at work, which is vital [...]

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