Safetysure backs safety standards as a Silver Member of AIHS

Safetysure, a leading work health and safety consulting firm, has solidified its commitment to the advancement of workplace health and safety by upgrading it status as a Silver Member of the Australian Institute of Health & Safety (AIHS). This important membership status underscores Safetysure’s dedication to fostering safety standards and safer work environments across Australia through best practice and professional development.

As a Silver Member, Safetysure will have an enhanced role in shaping the future of the health and safety profession, collaborating with other leaders in the field, and accessing a wealth of resources that AIHS provides.

John Ninness, Principal Consultant at Safetysure, commented on the membership, saying, “We are proud to continue to support the AIHS as a Silver Member. This partnership is a testament to our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence in workplace health and safety. The Institute’s commitment to professional standards and continuous improvement resonates with our core values and mission.”

Ninness further stressed the importance of the Institute to the profession: “AIHS is pivotal in advocating for and enhancing the health and safety discipline. Their work in professional development, ethical standards, and thought leadership is invaluable. As Silver Members, we look forward to contributing to these vital conversations and initiatives, helping to set benchmarks that will protect workers and businesses alike.”

The Australian Institute of Health & Safety is renowned for its efforts in promoting the development of effective health and safety professionals. Membership with the AIHS is recognised as a mark of a serious commitment to the advancement of the health and safety field.

“Safetysure’s decision to step up as a Silver Member reflects a shared vision of a safer working Australia,” Ninness adds. “We see this as a partnership that will not only benefit our clients but will also contribute to raising the bar for health and safety standards nationwide.”

Safetysure has extended a call to action for safety practitioners to unite in fostering a more educated, alert, and forward-thinking approach to professional safety practices within workplaces throughout Australia. Safetysure advocates for an evidence based, forward-thinking mindset, where long-term safety objectives are prioritised by its clients alongside immediate concerns. This perspective entails professional consultants looking beyond the conventional safety checklist, to help clients innovate and integrate safety as a core business function that supports productivity and employee well-being.

Safetysure’s commitment to provide evidences based consulting practice within Australia’s diverse array of industries, aims to ensure that business risks are quantified and practical and logical steps can be taken by the business to improve safety and productivity.

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