Safe Work Australia offers project funding

If you have a work safety project at your workplace that requires some assistance, you may be able to gain funding from Safe Work Australia. Safe Work Australia is offering between $2,000 and $20,000 to support projects that will improve occupational health and safety for workers.

According to Safe Work Australia, the best projects will win their funding bid and go into the running to win an additional $5,000 People’s Choice Award.

Safe Work Australia is advising entrants to read the terms and conditions for entry before they get started.

Submissions are open from Monday 17 September and close on 31 October.

Safetysure’s tips for a great entry to the grant’s scheme

Describe your project

Make sure that you provide as much detail as possible about your work health & safety project and include:

  • A description of the risk or hazard your project is designed to address, why it is important to address it, and how you intend to address it.
  • A project plan that has a project description, purpose, objectives/measures of success, audience, budget, timeline and supporting information and how it meets the eligibility criteria.

Address the criteria

Your WHS project must:

  • Support one or more priority areas identified in the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012–2022
  • Demonstrate WHS best practice, focus on high-order risk controls, and represent ‘good work design’.
  • Represent a long term commitment to WHS, share safety knowledge throughout your organisation, and empower staff at all levels to make good safety choices.
  • Be available to share with the wider community (e.g. an initiative that couldn’t be shared with other workplaces is not eligible).
  • Be fully funded by the Safe Work Australia People’s Choice Award funding. Projects or initiatives that receive, or will receive, funding from another external source (such as another Commonwealth funding program) are not eligible.

Additional information is available on Safe Work Australia website.

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