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Brisbane work health & safety services

If you’re looking for a Brisbane Safety Consultant or Brisbane Safety Expert, Safetysure can help. With more than thirty years experience in managing Brisbane work health & safety, we understand the issues and problems affecting work health and safety locally in Brisbane.

Safetysure work health & safety consultants (OHS Consultants) in Brisbane understand the many issues faced by Brisbane businesses. Specifically:

Capability Statement Safetysure Work Health & Safety Consultants
Find out more about our capabilities in work health & safety consulting. Safetysure Work Health & Safety Consultants provide safety consulting services in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
  • Environmental conditions such as managing employee exposure to heat and humidity during summer months is a frequent concern for Brisbane business. We help Brisbane businesses monitor exposure to heat and set standards/procedures for environmental exposure to heat and humidity. We know that in Brisbane summer temperature can be extreme. In hot environments, typical responses from employees include Heat Rash, Heat Cramps, Dizziness and fainting, Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke.
  • Managing Indoor Air Quality in Brisbane Office Buildings is a frequent issue faced by many Brisbane businesses. With changes to humidity levels and the response of air conditioning systems, thermal comfort can be difficult to manage. We help Brisbane businesses understand and assessing the effectiveness of HVAC systems in delivery air quality. It is an important component of managing building safety;
  • Employee exposure to UV radiation for Brisbane businesses is a common work health & safety issue. We create effective plans and policies for managing the risk associated with UV exposure. We can also provider sun protection training for Brisbane businesses.
  • Safetysure helps Brisbane businesses mitigate impacts from high rainfall events through effective risk management practices. We establish effective safety management systems for business in high risk areas and can even assist in an emergency.
  • Brisbane businesses often need to safely manage asbestos in the workplace. With many older style buildings in Brisbane, we help those businesses establish management plans, safe work procedures, site registers for asbestos.
  • We know that Brisbane businesses need to audit and plan for their health and safety. By undertaking effective auditing and planning for health & safety, we help businesses control risks. Read more about why you should conduct safety audits?
  • Managing hazardous chemical is another issue addressed by Safetysure Brisbane work health & safety consultants. We frequently help Brisbane businesses assess and mitigate the effects of chemical exposure.
  • Small businesses need effective workplace health and safety (WHS) or occupational health and safety (OHS) programs and support. Safetysure provides small business safety experts for Brisbane business. We have a range of low-cost small business safetyprograms to help Brisbane small businesses manage safety.
  • Brisbane businesses need effective workplace health and safety procedures to address specific needs. We customise workplace health & safety policies and procedures for Brisbane businesses.

Safetysure is a locally owned and operated Brisbane work health & safety consulting company. We also provide workplace health and safety services to Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast on a regular basis. Whether is North Brisbane, South Brisbane, the Bayside or Ipswich, Safetysure can help you with your work health & safety issues.

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