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Health and Safety Expert Services

Safetysure provides companies with work health and safety expert services to manage their business safety risks and ensure that their business is not disrupted by a work safety incident. You can read about our full range of services here.

What is a health and safety expert?

A professional work health and safety expert (WHS) sometimes called an occupational health and safety (OHS) expert specialises in methods to evaluate and measure risks and improve safety and health at a place of the workplace.  As a health and safety expert consulting company we conduct audits and inspections, analyse risk, establish policy undertake testing, establish plans, educate workers, managers and business owners to improve workplace safety. We also specialise in a range of measurement methodologies for measuring worker exposure to conditions such as noise and hazardous chemicals. Safetysure has more than thirty years of experience in health and safety expert services. We have provided these services to small and large businesses in Australia and throughout South East Asia and the Pacific.

Why should you use a work health and safety expert?

A health and safety expert can help your organisation build an effective strategy for quickly managing workplace hazards.  The strategy will be aligned against legislation and standards and your own organisation objectives. A health and safety expert can also help you solve problems with safety regulators and adopt a proactive approach to work health and safety at your business. The benefits of health and safety at your workplace include:

  • Protecting your employees and people who come to your workplace against injury and illness;
  • Generally increases the overall productivity of your team and improves your employees commitment to your organisation;
  • Demonstrating that your business is socially responsible;
  • Promoting and protecting your brand’s value proposition;
  • Builds a healthier workforce and increases the worker’s competency levels;
  • Guards against business disruption from significant unwanted safety related events;
  • Mitigates legal liability;
  • In some cases it reduces insurance premiums.
Capability Statement Safetysure Work Health & Safety Consultants
Find out more about our capabilities in work health & safety consulting. Safetysure Work Health & Safety Consultants provide safety consulting services in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

An effective health and safety expert helps businesses realise the value of work safety as a component of your business. They understand the business imperatives and seek to integrate safety into the DNA of the organisation.

When should I use a work health & safety expert?

There are critical times in your business’ lifecycle when you definitely should use a safety expert. These include:

  • During startup – to help you identify potential hazards created through undertaking your business;
  • During any major change that your business is undergoing. Like setting up a new business plan or purchasing or installing new equipment or changes to the premises that you operate out of;
  • Where a health and safety regulator has identified a particular issue (or an employee has been seriously injured at work) and has formally placed you or your business on notice;
  • If you’re importing new equipment from overseas either for sale or use in your business;

Of course, there are reasons for using a health and safety expert in your business every day as well. If your business falls into one of these scenarios:

  • It continually undertakes high risk activities that could have serious consequences  for employees or members of the public if performed unsafely;
  • It is required or prescribed by law;
  • There is evident or obvious risk of injury or illness from your business activity.

Safetysure are leading health & safety professionals and have experience in working across a broad range of industries. We use our collective experience, knowledge of best practices to work with organisations to develop and implement effective work health and safety solutions. If you require more information on our full range of work health and safety expert services, give us a call or find out more here.

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