How to chose a workplace health and safety consultant?

A workplace health and safety consultant can be a great asset to your business, particularly in its’ early stages of business growth or if you encounter a safety issue. Choosing the right safety consulting organisation can be a challenge. Of course, we would like you to work with Safetysure, but we do recognise that sometimes we can’t be in every part of the world at the same time. Here are our five tips:

  1. Ensure that you use an appropriately qualified professional with experience in undertaking the job you need to do. You wouldn’t engage a butcher to mow your lawn, so try to utilise somebody who has worked in your industry and knows the challenges that you face. We recognise that sometimes work safety challenges can work across industries and you may need a specialisation that is unique to your industry or occupation.
  2. Make sure you scope the job before having the initial conversation with the safety consultant. Sometime consulting work can be like a piece of string…you never know when its’ going to end. By scoping what you really need from you workplace health and safety consultant you’ll be able to save yourself time and cost.
  3. Sometime the least expensive isn’t always the best. If you have a knowledgeable consultant they will be quick to identify the issues and get the advice you need.
  4. Sometimes quantifying issues takes time, be patient. Often consultants will be doing research as part of the assignment (even if they’re experienced).
  5. Try to look for someone who you can partner for the long term. We’ve been to sites where the company has used several people to try and get the job done, without an effective outcome. By working with a safety consulting company long term that understands your priorities and business needs, you’ll save money and have a more effective working relationship.

We’d love to talk with you about your safety project, even if you’re on the other side of the planet. At the very least we’ll try and give you some great ideas to improve your success and project outcomes. Our safety consultants are looking forward to your message.

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