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Warehouse safety services

The absence of Warehouse safety systems can result in a a range of high potential / high risk incidents and accidents from forklifts, racking, movement of vehicles, management of contractor activities and manual handling.

Safetysure provides a range of services to assist in improving safety in your warehouse. These include:

  • Warehouse / Distribution Centre safety audits;
  • Warehouse safety inspections;
  • Warehouse Traffic Management Plans;
  • Warehouse safety procedures;
  • Warehouse safety assessments;
  • Warehouse safety training.
  • Manual handling audits;

The development of effective work health and safety management systems in warehouses in considered a core component of managing a warehouse operation. In most Australian States legislative requirements exist covering:

Warehouse safety | accidents to prevent

Operators of warehouse should seek to ensure that the following accidents are prevented at their operation as a minimum.

  • strains from repetitive movements, like manual order picking or loading and unloading;
  • injuries from lifting, pushing and pulling heavy loads;
  • machinery and vehicle noise;
  • slips and trips ;
  • falls from height, such as when unloading a truck;
  • being hit by forklifts and trucks;
  • exposure to chemicals (for example, fumes or carbon monoxide in enclosed shipping containers);
  • fatigue from shift work
  • cold and heat (including working in cold rooms)

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If you need assistance in managing safety in your warehouse, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation free quote. You can call Safetysure on 1300 087 888 or chat live below. Our full range of professional safety services is available here.

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