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If you’re looking for consultants to update your work safety procedures, Safetysure can help. With more than 30 years of experience in the development and management of work safety systems and procedures, we focus on keeping procedures simple but aligned with the requirements of legislation and standards.

Our professional consultants come from a broad range of disciplines including engineering, psychology. work safety and risk management. Our multidisciplinary approach helps us develop the best procedure and policy for your business.

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Our Work Safety Procedures Services

We offer a range of work safety procedure services including:

  • Reviews of existing procedures and systems
  • Updates/rewrites of safety procedures
  • In-field assessment of safety procedures and policies
  • New work safety procedures for specific tasks
  • Use of comics and images to convey procedures
  • Distribution and promotion of procedures to workers (Email & Txt Messaging)
  • Document control

Our clients come from a range of industries including construction, manufacturing, warehousing, agriculture, mining, education, retail and wholesale services.

What makes us different?

We understand when it comes to communicating safety messages, simplicity is a key factor in ensuring that messages are delivered. We also appreciate that in high-risk scenarios accuracy and thoroughness are fundamental to risk mitigation. Read more on what must go into a great safe work procedure here.

Do I need to have prescriptive procedures in my workplace?

Well, that depends! Through the conduct of many accident investigations, we have often observed that strict adherence to procedures can sometimes result in workers failing to adequate think laterally about risks (or indeed the scenarios) that workers are in and in so doing fail to address the dynamic nature of work environments.

Deference to the safety protocol and subsequent procedures should be balanced with deference to expertise in complex systems (Amalberti, 2013).

What’s really important in work safety procedures?

There are a few fundamentals in workplace safety procedures

  • Content must be clear, relevant and matched to the reality of the work situation
  • Ensure that the employees and supervisors who are required to follow the rules/procedures are actively engaged in the decision making about the content contained in the procedure
  • You must ensure that personnel with the right technical knowledge (e.g. engineering/production/HR) and experience relevant to the content have an opportunity to provide input and feedback
  • Opportunity to deviate from the rules/procedures is available should the work situation require it and it is safe to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns, would like to speak with a safety procedures consultant or would like a quote to commence the journey on developing some work safety procedures, chat with us below or call us on 1300 087 888.


René Amalberti, 2013, Navigating Safety, Necessary Compromises and Trade-Offs – Theory and Practice