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Safetysure offers its clients a range of customised online safety surveys (including safety climate surveys) to validate safety culture and identify opportunities for improvement in work safety practices. Our customised safety surveys are created according to client needs and can be completed cost-effectively and rapidly for businesses from 10 – >100,000 employees.

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A work safety survey can help define actionable goals for business by providing direct feedback from staff members.
What is Safety Culture?

Safety culture is a component of organisational culture that places a high level of importance on safety beliefs, values and attitudes towards safety—and these are shared by the majority of people within the company or workplace. It can be characterised as ‘the way we do things around here. A positive safety culture can result in improved workplace health and safety (WHS) and organisational performance.

Companies with positive safety cultures recognise that safety is an integral element to the functioning of their business. They develop and promote managers with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to successfully undertake the responsibilities of safety.

What is safety climate?

Safety climate refers to employees’ perceptions of how much safety is valued in an organisation. These perceptions are formed over time as people use safety systems, listen to what others say, and particularly what they do when it comes to safety. When positive perceptions of safety are consistent across the organisation, a positive safety climate exists and employees are more likely to act safely.

How is safety climate measured?

Safety climate is usually measured by a survey that asks employees about their safety experiences within the organisation. The ultimate purpose of the safety climate survey is to help identify areas of strength and improvement opportunities within the orgaisation’s safety systems and safety practices. Safety climate surveys are designed around common topics. These topics may have different names depending on the assessment tool being used, and some common topics may include:

– management safety commitment – which looks at areas of priority of safety and credibility of the commitment
– effectiveness of safety systems – which looks at ease of use of safety procedures.
– the quality of tools, equipment, and machinery to work safely – which looks at the appropriateness of PPE and other safety equipment.

Current research suggests that organisation’s should conduct safety climate surveys regularly and benchmark attitudes towards safety in th eorganisation. The shelf life of a safety climate survey’s data is typically around three months, so consider measuring your safety climate every three to six months.

What’s involved in conducting a safety survey?

Safetysure’s consulting team works with our clients to develop and modify a proven safety climate survey tool that is customised to meet your business needs. We often go beyond questions of work safety and look deeper in holistic management and employee practices within the organisation at the request of the client. Our consulting team works with your business to gather the right information. This often involves Pilot testing the survey to make sure that it is suitable for your company. This usually involves using the survey with a small group of people who represent the broader employee population. These people provide feedback on the content of the survey, including questions that are unclear, terms that are not relevant to your company, complexity of language, and any special needs your employees might have. Once we have pilot tested we can roll out to the organisation rapidly via numerous channels.

We can distribute our surveys to your workforce via multiple channels including web, email, SMS, face to face or via traditional telephony.

Our low-cost online tools enable surveys to be conducted rapidly with results available in real-time via our survey portal.

Want to know more about safety surveys at your workplace?

You can call our Safety Consulting team on 1300087888, chat in the Chat Portal Below or find out where we work here. We are most happy to help our national and international clients learn more of what we do, so feel free to make contact!

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