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Safety software

If you’re thinking of more efficient ways to manage work health & safety you should look to an effective safety software system. Effective Safety Software systems can provide a worry free approach to your safety management system through automating a range of safety critical tasks through work flows.

Nowadays, there is a broad range of health & safety software packages available on the market and choosing the best safety software can be daunting.

For many years the Safetysure consulting team has worked with a range of clients to install and implement the best safety software systems for their businesses. We thought we’d share with you some of the most important tips we have when it comes to selecting the right safety software system for your business.

Selecting Safety Software – Keep it simple

Systems can range from the sublime to ridiculous when it comes to complexity. While the back end can have a range of complex features the front end user interface of any safety software must be capable of providing a positive experiences to a wide range of users. If you want your team to report hazards, conduct risk assessments or conduct workplace inspections a simple user interface is always best.

You might also like to check if the software has a iOS and Android app that can be used on mobile devices by your users in the field.

Understand where its hosted and how secure it is?

While your safety system data sometimes doesn’t appear that important in the scheme of your overall operation you should appreciate that it often contains a range of data that is subject to privacy considerations. Personnel data, details about incidents, locations of your business and assets are mission critical when it comes to privacy and it must remain secure.

Under all circumstances you should find out where your data is hosted and if it is in a secure regulatory environment that protects your safety system data from prying eyes.

There are a range of standards that apply to data security and your provider should be able to demonstrate compliance with these.

The AS/NZS ISO/IEC 27000 series – Information Security Management, which includes a range of standards that apply to security management of your safety data. A good question to ask is does your host adopt AS ISO/IEC 27004:2018 – Information technology – Security techniques – information security management – Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation standards.

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Is it flexible and easily configurable to suit your business needs?

Like a business, your safety software system needs to be adaptable and flexible that can grow with your business. You don’t want to be incurring significant costs every time you want to reconfigure your work health & safety systems. It should have the architectural flexibility to grow with your business and be based around the latest technology.

Do you have to pay for every module?

The Software as a Service (SAAS) business models vary greatly between different providers. You should always check that the economics stack up on the safety software. You really don’t want to be paying extra for core modules like:

  • Incident reporting/recording
  • Staff Training
  • Plant & equipment
  • Chemicals/Hazardous Substances
  • Safety planning
  • Managing contractors
  • Training
  • Procedures

Look for a package that meets these needs, then you shouldn’t have too much future pain (and cost) when it comes to increasing the functionality of the system.

Record keeping in health & safety is fundamental in the event of a legal challenge following and incident or accident. Effective safety software ensures that records are maintained and that there is traceability in your records. Who signed what where and when is sometimes important in determining if you have met your legal obligations.

Will it save you money in the longer term?

While it may not be the most important reason for moving to software, you certainly don’t want to provide strain and strain on your business financially by committing to purchasing it. Good safety software providers recognise that safety software can save significant labor costs involved in administering a paper based safety system. Try to examine if the system is going to help your business or hinder it. It simply shouldn’t take months to configure and deploy in your business and your ultimately shouldn’t require a significant person hours to administer it.

Top Safety Software system FAQs

Why should I buy safety software for my business?

Safety software can help you reduce a range of labour intensive manual record keeping and reporting. Ultimately a good package should facilitate the automation of work flows that make managing safety simpler.

What should I consider when buying safety software?

Our article will provide you the top tips when purchasing safety software for your business.

Where can I find a reliable provider for safety software?

Safetysure is a leading partner of safety software providers. We provide system implementation and can even support your system as system administrator helping you to focus on gaining the best benefits for your business. We provide objective advice in selecting the best package to meet your business needs.

How much will safety software cost?

Costs can be dependent on the number of users and administrators and sometimes the functionality that the software provider offers. We have free packages available however for many medium sized business the cost including initial implementation costs are <$10K AUD.

I’m a small business, will I get benefit out of safety management software?

The short answer is yes. Many low cost options of systems are available for small businesses. You can talk to our consultants on 1300 087 888 to find out how inexpensive it might be for your business.

If you need more information on how Safetysure can assist your business to buy safety system software or implement health & safety software or other work safety packages, why not chat below or call our office on 1300 087 888 to speak with a consultant.