Electrical contractors warned regarding segregation

The Queensland Work Health & Safety Regulator has warned electrical contractors regarding segregation of wiring in electrical installations and potential risks from improperly installed wiring.

The Regulator says that electrical contractors, electrical workers and metering providers involved in the roll-out of smart meters must ensure that antenna/communication wiring systems are suitably segregated from electrical wiring in accordance with the Wiring Rules.

Wiring systems must be selected and installed in a way to avoid any detrimental effects arising between:

  • electrical installations and telecommunication/data cable installations
  • different electrical installations
  • different parts of the same electrical installation
  • circuits operating at different voltages
  • circuits supplying different safety services
  • safety services and the remainder of the electrical installation
  • electrical installations and non-electrical installations, such as gas and water supply.


Recently, a coaxial cable was found inside a domestic electrical switchboard without suitable segregation from low voltage electrical cabling (pictured below). This presented an electrical safety risk if there was a breakdown in cable insulation. The issue was rectified following ESO enforcement action.

Coaxial cable within electrical installation

ESO continues to conduct audits throughout Queensland which include a focus on the installation of smart meters in residential switchboards.

Further information

For more information on electrical safety, visit electricalsafety.qld.gov.au

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